Surgery day for Yadgar

Yadgar is a tiny little man who is deeply loved by his mother, and his father back in Kurdistan. He has been placed in a loving and kind family.

When we reached Sheba hospital this morning, Yadgar had just gone into surgery, and his mother was sitting outside in the corridor. She had shared the big news with her husband and family, and was handling the situation with strength.

It was a very lovely time to spend together. Yadgar’s mother is easy to be with, and was happy to come and sit outside in the garden area outside the hospital in the morning, taking some air and sunshine. We were joined by the mothers of Asmeen and Lava, who left their sleeping babies for half an hour or so to encourage Yadgar’s mother.

After sitting, walking and drinking tea, we found ourselves back outside the surgery area, and noticing that four hours had already passed! Yadgar’s mother said to me that the surgery would maybe be five or six hours, so there could still be two more hours left. I said I hoped the surgery is just five hours. She laughed with me, and said she hopes it’s only four.

We had been told by the doctor in the days prior to the surgery, that little Yadgar’s heart was more complicated than first thought. They planned to carry out just one surgery to fix his heart defects, but it would be a big surgery for him, and that the recovery could be quite difficult.

So when we saw the cardiologist coming out of the surgery room shortly after our conversation about hoping the surgery would be over soon, we were surprised and very happy to hear that Yadgar’s surgery was finished and successful. Yadgar’s mother was so happy, and soon afterwards, her friends, the mothers of Ayan and Mohammed arrived for corona tests, and were able to congratulate her in this lovely moment.

Thank God for bringing this day together for Yadgar and his mother. The baby is up in the ICU now recovering from the surgery; please pray that his little body adjusts safely.