Surgery difficult but repair good

Dina’s mother said she spent the night holding Dina’s hand and kissing her in case this was their last time together. This morning before her surgery, one of the doctors reiterated the risk that she might not even make it through the operation, which is to replace the work of the first operation and by doing so, to remove and control the infection in her heart which has spread to her blood.

Always it is difficult to have your child go into surgery, but infinitely more so when the doctors issue a grave warning about the danger involved in the procedure. Everything about Dina’s surgery communicated by the doctor, and by her demeanor and behavior, conveyed that Dina’s mother understood the severity of the situation. She had had an earlier conversation with the doctor yesterday, translated through co-worker Julio.

Throughout the seven hours she waited for her daughter, Dina’s mum was often praying or looking at pictures of Dina or video-chatting with her family back in Kurdistan. Towards the end of the seven hours, the doctor who performed the echo in the OR earlier, spoke to Dina’s mother and before anyone could translate, Dina’s mother could tell the news was good and broke into a smile, happy tears, and proceeded to hug the cardiologist.

The surgery had been difficult, but the results of the repair look very good, but especially in the next few days, there is still high risk for Dina as they watch how her body responds and also to determine whether or not the infection is fully controlled.

Right on cue, some of our friends, other Kurdish mothers, showed up to share in Dina’s mother’s relief that Dina had survived the surgery. It felt like many times now, we sit in the same spot waiting for whatever news may come, but whether good or bad, we face it together.

So please join with us in praying for beautiful Dina.