Surgery Finally

Today very early in the morning, after more than 7 months waiting for this moment beautiful Ana was taken to the surgery room for her cleft palate repair. Mom is really amazing she is so strong, this is the fifth time that Ana went to the operation room. When I arrived to the hospital Ana was already in her surgery, maybe for at least 3 hours, so I waited with mom 3 hours. I had a beautiful time with her, I prayed for them, also we shared pictures when Anna was so little and we could remember some special people and times that we had together the first time when they came to Israel. At the end our waiting, mom was really anxious and a little worried because the surgery was really complex. But praise the lord the ENT doctor and surgeon doctor came out smiling and told us that Ana was out of her surgery and everything seems good. Mom and I had a big hug. I was really happy, also the doctor told us that they were able to remove some liquid that she had in the ears, to help her hearing. One of the doctors could speak Arabic so it was really great for mom.

When I entered to the recovery area to see our beautiful Ana she was sleeping, they wrapped her hands because for the next few hours she cannot touch her mouth. Mom was really happy to see her brave baby after a long time in the recovery area. Ana was taken to the Pediatric ICU she is going to be there for today and hopefully tomorrow she is going to be in the normal ward. Please pray for this time of recovery for strength for Ana and mom. I really look forward to seeing Ana eating and not using her PEG anymore, and her speech developing.