Surgery for Ayan

Ayan was fasting all morning in preparation for his surgery today at Sheba hospital. His was the second surgery of the day, and he was taken into theatre about two pm. His mother came out from bringing him inside the surgical area, and we sat together with co-worker Alena, another Kurdish mum, then later with more Kurdish mums. They are a caring little community of mothers. Ayan’s mother was very worried for her baby, but was able to relax a little as the time went by.

Ayan’s surgery today took two and a half hours before he was brought out of the OR. The doctor told her that they had carried out what was planned in the surgery, and Ayan was taken to the ICU, and stabilised in his room there.

It was difficult for his mother to see him afterwards, as there were so many tubes and wires supporting his little body. His hair stuck up on one side of his head, in true Ayan style. Otherwise, he was barely recognisable, as his eyes were covered to keep them closed, his face obscured by the intubation, and his body covered by ECG cables.

Later in the evening, we heard that Ayan’s oxygen level dropped low, and there seemed to be a problem with the BT shunt. The surgical team came and reopened Ayan’s chest, to be able to assess the condition of the shunt. Thankfully, his condition has improved, and the shunt was found to be placed and working well. His chest remains open to be under surveillance, but the mother was allowed to enter the room after some hours.

Ayan needs two surgeries to fix his heart defect, as he is now almost three months old. Today’s “small” surgery, the first of the procedures, was to make a PA banding and BT shunt. This will prepare Ayan’s heart to be able to cope with the surgery next week, where they plan to switch his great arteries, correcting the heart defect.

Please pray for Ayan and his lovely mother. It has been a difficult day and evening for both of them.