Surgery for Suli

It was a big day for small Sulaiman yesterday as he had his surgery to switch the great arteries. The whole procedure took around six hours and it was successful.

Before he went into his surgery, Suli’s mother was told that there is a possibility they will have to put him on the ECMO machine as it is a big surgery for this small boy. Indeed, Suli was connected to the ECMO machine because his heart needs to have some rest from the surgery. I’m really thankful that God has given such machines that are able to help little ones.

Doctors brought him up to the ICU after the surgery and said even though Suli is connected to the ECMO machine, they are quite pleased with his condition after the surgery, and that his numbers look good. This was good news but recovery is a fragile process for all these children and Suli has to go through that now.

His mother is coping well with all of the circumstances and it was a nice waiting-time we spent together even though that there are the language barriers. The waiting time is always a good opportunity to get to know our Kurdish and Gazan mothers and fathers.

Today Suli underwent another surgery where they widened his coronary arteries as they have been quite narrow. Also this surgery went well for him. Praise God. His mother is a lovely woman and she was urged to see him both times after his surgeries.

Presently she cannot sleep together with him in a room because his chest is open, and it would be a high risk to get for Suli to become infected with something. His mother is allowed to enter his room briefly however from time to time, to see her beloved son.

Please keep this lovely mother and cute Suli’s recovery in your prayers.