Surgery may be needed

Today was finally Miran’s next follow-up Echo at Sheba Hospital. When we picked him up from the family house in Ashdod, he was ready to leave and even seemed to be excited to go on a trip. As soon as we arrived at Sheba and got Miran admitted, we had some waiting time.

He was still very tired, so he was just resting in the arms of his mother until we got called for the Echo. Apparently his doctors already know Miran really well because they immediately prepared a sedative for him. And they were right to do so. As soon as any doctor entered the room and came one step too close to him, Miran started screaming and crying. But after a few minutes the sedative started working. He still cried a bit but it was easy to calm him down with videos or just by talking to him.

After some time the Echo was done and Miran’s cardiologist let us know there will be a meeting on Wednesday, where they will confer with each other about whether he should have surgery for his narrow pulmonary artery. Until then we will have to wait and keep on having some funny days full of joy together with Miran in the Ashdod family house.

After getting those news Miran’s mother seemed to be doing better than I thought. She and Miran are already here for three months now and she is seeing some families leaving to return home, although they arrived here weeks after she and Miran did. But still she is remaining a strong mother, always there for her son. I have a huge respect for her and I am really looking forward to the next time with her.

Please pray for Miran and his mother, that she will continue to be patient and that they will get everything they need to enjoy their time here. We pray for Miran’s doctors, for blessing on their plans for Miran. They are about to make a big decision for our little boy, so God bless them.