Surgery on the horizon

Today I saw Meera, and as we are reporting each time, it is startling to see her with dark lips, hands and feet. Today her dark veins were visible through her eyelids, and on the end of her nose.

I tried to tell her father the stories of other children whom I have seen before surgery so cyanotic, and after surgery so transformed in their energy levels, and looking a completely different colour. I hope he was reassured or encouraged somewhat by what I said, but of course he is still thinking deeply about his precious daughter.

The doctor came to take a blood test, and Meera’s father asked him if  Meera’s will be a difficult surgery? The doctor said the surgeon will speak to him thoroughly before the surgery, but yes that many things in her heart are not right, and her problem is very complex. He commented to me that he hasn’t seen a child as blue as this who is not unconscious.

Please pray for this beautiful girl in such a desperate situation.