Surgery postponed

Today our little Ayham was supposed to be admitted to the Hadassah Hospital for his big switch surgery on Sunday. So we made our way early in the morning to Hadassah Ein Kerem.div>
After checking Ayham in, we were ready to see a nurse who made some tests and checked his vitals. Then we were approached by two doctors who talked to us about Ayham’s next steps. Since he was throwing up several times in the last few days, had a little high temperature and is still coughing a bit, they diagnosed him with a flu. They said he probably won’t recover until Sunday so they postponed the surgery until Ayham is healthy again.

So we made our way back to our Jerusalem Community Center, where our little boy and his lovely mother will stay for a few days. We went there by bus and Ayham loved to knock on the window over and over again. He is such a cute child!

Let’s pray together that Ayham will recover soon and that he will be strong enough for his big surgery. Please also pray for his mother, who is taking such good care of her son. She is really worried, so may the Lord give her the comfort and strength she needs.