Surgery postponed

I went today to the hospital to join the father of baby Ghada for her surgery.

She has a diagnosis of Coarctation of the Aorta. As I was not allowed into the Intensive Care Unit, it took me some time to find them, but eventually I met both of Ghada’s parents. They are a young couple, the mother is Palestinian and the father has Israeli citizenship. He speaks Hebrew and so I tried practicing my basic Hebrew to speak with him.

A nurse explained that unfortunately the blood test showed that Ghada has Sepsis, which means that they were not able to perform a surgery today.

I said we would pray for her, and so please pray that Ghada would recover from the Sepsis and be able to have surgery soon. Please also pray for this young couple in the midst of  difficulty, having their baby daughter so sick. It was nice to meet them, and to try and be a support to them.