Surgery postponed

I went into the secondary ICU at Sheba Medical Center today to see Dalal. She was peacefully sleeping in her bed and so was her mother. It was quite early, so I asked a nurse if  Dalal is going into her surgery today. In friendly manner, the nurse told me that due to Dalal’s fever last night after her cath, they would not go through with surgery today.  They want to wait and see how she is doing still. So for now, her surgery is postponed. When I went into their room again, our little Dalal was wide awake and crying a little bit, but her lovely mom took loving care of her and managed to calm her down. Dalal is doing better today, praise the Lord. Due to her mother’ language barriers at the hospital, the nurse told me it is difficult to communicate with Dalal’s mother. Please pray for peace around this situation, and for the surgery to be soon. Thank you.