Surgery postponed due to ICU at capacity

Today was supposed to be Ziad’s stomach surgery, but again it was postponed until a later date due to the lack of space in the Pediatric ICU of Sheba Medical. This has been the case for the past month, that because the ICU is at capacity, Ziad’s surgery cannot take place.

Of course, Ziad is only thrilled he no longer has to fast in anticipation for the anesthesia. But Ziad’s dad reminded me of something I was thinking about this week. In April, which is currently two months away, Ziad will have been at Sheba for one year. He also said that today he reached 8 kilograms, the highest weight he has had, while in the hospital.

The tracheostomy makes Ziad’s voice inaudible, but he and his father have a way of communicating that only they can understand. Today Ziad pointed to various items he wanted to play with. I’m always surprised at how good his memory is; for example he associates me with bubbles because we did those together two weeks ago, and he loved today when he, his dad, and I passed a balloon between us. I mean, he really laughed as we did this, and whenever the balloon would fall to him.

Please pray for this sweet boy. What a long road it has been. I know we are all looking forward to here his voice again.