Surgery rescheduled

Unsure of my directional skills, I made my way to the radiology department at Sheba hospital this morning to meet a family from Hebron with a child who was scheduled for surgery. Once there, my search continued as I timidly called out names. After a few tries due to my imperfect pronunciations, a man sitting with an adorable, smiling toddler in a beautiful ruffled dress and matching hair bow looked up and waved me over. I found Mira and her father!

After Mira’s X-ray, we went up to the cardiology floor and were admitted to the PICU—standard procedure the day before surgery. As soon as we walked onto the floor, the nurses excitedly called out, “Mira, Mira!” Everyone came to see smiley, clapping Mira as we settled into the hospital room.

As Mira’s nurses and doctors were checking her vital signs, they noticed that she had a runny nose and some other possible signs of a mild respiratory infection. They told us that this might be a problem for her surgery, and they left the room to confer. Mira’s father and I were left with the fun task of distracting Mira. In the process, I got to learn about Mira’s family and met some of them on video chat. Eventually the doctors came in and told us that they decided to reschedule the surgery. As much as this was sad news for Mira, we are grateful that when she does have surgery, it will be safe. Mira’s father told me that their early morning journey through the West Bank border was very tiring for him and Mira, and he was glad to be able to go home and rest. We are praying that Mira recovers quickly from her illness and that her surgery is rescheduled soon. We praise the Lord that Mira has such a kind and patient father to care for her!