Surgery tomorrow

In the evening at Sheba Hospital, coworker Lisa and I quickly visited Jwan as we hadn’t met her yet. She is totally new to us, so I asked the doctor about how she is doing.

Because the doctor was really busy, he just told me that she is stable for now and doing okay, but will have her surgery tomorrow. Lisa went into Jwan’s hospital room to meet both Jwan and her grandmother for the very first time. Since we are not familiar with speaking much Arabic, and because Jwan’s grandmother can’t speak English, Google translate was a big help for all of us. Jwan’s grandmother thanked us for being there for her.

Please pray for Jwan and her surgery tomorrow. She is a tiny little baby, held in the hands of God, the Almighty. Let us also pray for her grandmother, so that she gets strength for the big day tomorrow and even for the doctors that God will use their hands to save this little child.