Surgery Tomorrow

Today, as our hospital team was in the midst of Gaza discharges, a catheterization for one of our Kurdish children and a surgery for another one of the Kurdish kids, we got a text from Sophie at the Jaffa base who said that the hospital wanted to admit Sahand today for surgery tomorrow! It was a day of ups and downs for him; he was endlessly patient during the waiting, but for the echo, the x-ray, and then eventually the blood tests, he was extremely distraught. But his father was calm and soothing for his son throughout it all. Sahand’s dad is extremely kind and very genuine in his graciousness, at one point he even got up from his seat in the waiting area to help a mother who was struggling to walk with her son in a wheel chair and the IV stand attached to him down the hallway. This man is truly a rock for his family, a joy to get to know, and a steadfast father to his son. We know that Sahand is and will continue to be blessed by his father’s presence and we pray that our Heavenly Father will be a Good Shepard to both Sahand and his dad as he goes into surgery tomorrow.