Surgery tomorrow

Beautiful Maryam was unexpectedly called in for surgery at Sheba Medical Center tomorrow. The timing was impeccable because all of the families at Jaffa were about to load up in all three vans to go to the hospital for pre-flight Corona tests, and there was just enough space for Maryam and her mom to fit in the vehicles.

Maryam fell asleep in the car to blaring Kurdish dance music that was being played, and this was also a blessing because most times she gets car sick.

The admission process was very quick as the bed was waiting for her arrival. Please pray for Maryam and her mom. It is always difficult for a mom to endure the hours of waiting for any procedure, let alone a surgery, and Maryam’s mother has been through three catheterizations already for her daughter. Tomorrow will be Maryam’s third surgery.

We pray that she will be able to recover like she did the last time and quickly become her energetic, feisty self soon after. As one mother said a few weeks ago, children are more resilient than we think, and tend to surprise us.