Surgery tomorrow

We walked into our community home to start loading Mina and Mina’s father’s packed bags into the Shevet van to go to Sheba hospital.

Mina’s father was ready to go with his daughter asleep under many blankets in a baby-carrier seat. We have a running joke where we refer to Mina as ‘small baby.’ One of the technicians at her first appointment called her name to bring her into the echo. To double-check that she had the right child, instead of saying Mina’s name, she asked if this was ‘small baby.’ A very fitting name for Mina as she is the youngest of the group she traveled with, and she really is so lovely and cute.

Her admission proved difficult when it came time for the blood test. She cried to a point where her oxygen dropped below 30%, so they postponed drawing blood until she had calmed down. Her dad has been so capable and attentive to her, the hospital will be a different environment for him, but he has been an outstanding parent through all of this.

Please pray for Mina as she goes into surgery tomorrow, this will be the first of a two-step surgery.