Surgery Went Well

God’s timing was just perfect today! When we arrived and tried to find Noora’s room, we just met them on their way to another building where her hip surgery should be.  A transporter took us there and the driver showed us the way to the operation rooms. Noora was really upset, cried a lot, and didn’t want to leave her grandma at all.

She was scared because she knew the pain of all the procedures happening in the hospital from her heart surgery. It took us some time to get through administration protocol until the surgeon and the nurses agreed that the grandma’s consent is enough for going forward with the surgery. Grandma stayed really strong for Noora all the time and tried to calm her down, but as soon as Noora was into surgery she started crying and seemed really worried about her granddaughter. Noora’s dad called a few times during the long waiting time and always asked if there is anything new about her.

After six hours of waiting the doctor came finally out to tell us that the surgery went well and they got all the steps done they wanted to. He just mentioned that there is a chance the the hip is still not in the right position, so they are going to do a CT scan tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Depending on the results of this scan they will have to do another surgery for her to correct the hip.

Noora was doing already really well after the surgery, she just was still a little dizzy from the anasthesia. Her grandma was so happy, although at the same time she was tired from the long waiting and worrying. Tonight they will keep her in the ICU for watching her and if she’s doing better tomorrow, she can change to the normal department. So please pray that Noora will recover soon and that her hip will be right at the position where the doctors are hoping to. Please also include her parents as they can’t be here during this time for Noora.