This morning we got surprisingly the message from Maryana’s mother that Maryana is going into surgery right now, only four days after her arrival in Israel. We were amazed how calm her mother stayed even though her daughter went into a big surgery. She stayed calm though the whole waiting time and showed me a lot of pictures of her other five kids back home in Kurdistan and her one grandchild! Maryana is her youngest child and loved so much by her whole family.

Only a few waiting-hours later, around four hours after Maryana went into surgery, her surgeon came out and reported that everything went well and Maryana is stable. One hour later her mother was allowed to see her daughter again and was full of joy to see her so good. With this surgery the doctors could completely fix her heart problems and it will allow her to have a normal life without Tet spills nearly every day.

In the evening I saw that Maryana was already extubated and watching YouTube videos on the phone of her mother, what a great recovery! Thank you God for this successful day for Maryana! Thank you for giving her the chance of getting a normal life!