Surprise for Mina

In many ways, Mina has been living the high life since her discharge from hospital. She’s been with us in our community house in Jaffa, happily eating, sleeping and receiving a lot of attention from all of us, not the least of whom is her careful and attentive father. What a contrast her life is now compared to what he had expected for her when he first found out that she had such a serious heart condition!
Mina has accompanied us to all celebratory events this week; another Kurdish child named Noor and her farewell party in Jerusalem, and a trip into the city for icecream. Then an Independence Day picnic in the park in Jaffa. Of course she slept right through each event, but despite her being none the wiser about her buzzing social life, it has been lovely to have her with us.
However, Mina was called in to Sheba hosptial for an echo today, slotting her in at the end of the Cardiologist’s schedule. She is surely an easy and pleasant child to carry out the assessments for, as she is so easy to calm. Today she hardly cried throughout the echo or the ECG. The doctor found that Mina’s surgical outcome is very good. Her heart is working well, and her oxygen saturation was at 100% today. She is gaining weight and looks in a wonderful condition. Therefore, the doctor agreed that she could return to Kurdistan, and just needs to regularly visit the cardiologists there. Thank God for the hope of a healthy¬† future for Mina! We now have to make travel plans and party plans to be able to celebrate her health.