Surprise, SurpriseĀ 

After hearing word yesterday that Adam would be discharged to Gaza there was a one day delay and so today was the day for Adam and Mom to return home! Adam’s heart is doing very well and the team at Hadassah released him to go back to his family with follow-up scheduled for next month. Adam’s mom had wonderful things to report about the staff at Hadassah and says they were so kind to her and Adam and did such a great job, she will be forever grateful. Adam’s mom also told me about how much she loves the workers at Shevet too. She had Diana and Svea with her on Adam’s surgery day and she told me how she was crying so much because she was overwhelmed and so anxious. But then Diana and Svea were with her and had her laughing and even almost forgot all her anxieties; she was recounting the story to me with a smile on her face and saying how she loves Diana and Svea so much.

Adam has three sisters and a brother back home that he and his mother have not seen for 5 weeks. Adam was hospitalized for 2 weeks in Gaza before coming to Israel where he has been for the past 3 weeks. So, Adam’s mom is very excited to see her family! She was keeping her return home today a surprise for most of her family. She is so excited to see their faces when she unexpectedly opens the door.

During our long 1.5 hour drive to the border crossing we were anxious for the time to soon be over so they could be reunited in Gaza with family! Luckily, the traffic was good and we enjoyed driving through the mountains which are lush and green during this season, it was a beautiful drive and a blessed time with Adam and Mom! Praise God for all He has done and is doing with sweet little Adam. We look forward to seeing them for Adam’s follow-up in Israel soon!