Surprised to stay

Mariam and her mum have been well-of loved by all us here in The Shevet community in Jaffa. Mum is so full laughter. Last week, she delighted us all by stepping outside of her comfort zone to cook us a feast of maqluba, an Arabic dish with the contents of chicken, vegetables and rice, cooked upside down in a single pot. Everybody loves it!

 It was a different mood today, as we prepared in our hearts to be saying a sad goodbye to each other, as today Mariam was due to go to hospital for an echo, before likely returning to Gaza. We waited for some time together before the echo, Mariam is quite a friendly girl and enjoyed especially looking at co-worker Sebastian.


Today’s surprise was that although Mariam’s echo showed her heart to be in a good condition following the surgery, the doctor was still concerned about how often she is crying. Although he doesn’t feel it is a cardiac issue, still he would like her to remain in Israel for another week to see her response to paracetamol, as he feels perhaps she is in some pain.

So, the happy outcome is that Mariam will be staying with us in both Jaffa and Jerusalem for the next week.

Thank God for always knowing what is best, and for the good condition of her heart.