Surprising Cath

This morning, God sent us firstly to the always-smiling Nvin, and this was so blessed, since five minutes after we arrived there, she was surprisingly picked up for the cath. Just from the beginning the 5 month-old girl gained the precious nurse’s and doctor’s hearts by her wonderful smile. We are very thankful for this so lovely and gentle medical team at the hospital which cares for our children like Nvin! May God bless them!

And praise the Lord, the cath went very well; the doctor was really satisfied. Unfortunately they had to incubate her during the operation, which also made her mum afraid when she saw her after the cath. The mother was very relieved to hear good news about her daughter after the hard waiting time of 3 hours. But when she saw the little life after the operation and when she found out she had to change the station, the lovely mom was overwhelmed by her feelings. Please pray for her that she gets enough strength to be a good support for her daughter! And please pray for a good recovering for the little girl too!