Nvin’s oxygen saturation has improved tremendously post-catheterization. It was our hope that today would be her final echocardiogram for this trip, and that she would be able to return to her dear family. However the echocardiogram revealed that she still had narrowing in her aorta, regurgitation of the blood, and also reduced function of an important ventricle in her heart.

Nvin has another echocardiogram scheduled in 2 weeks. The doctor believes that Nvin will not need another procedure for this trip to Israel, but the doctor will still consult with other doctors at the cardiology conference to discuss further management.

Though this news may have been disappointing to Nvin’s mother, she was very patient and understanding. Nvin continues to bring joy to those around her, especially with her contagious smile.

We surrender Nvin’s heart to God. Although we may hope for a “perfect heart”, we surrender our own attempts to heal Nvin’s heart. God is the Great Physician and the healer of our broken hearts.