“For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.” 2 Corinthians 2:15

Little Nvin brings joy and smiles wherever she goes.  Today, just as the sweetness of apples and honey are symbolic of ushering in a sweet new year (Rosh Hashana), Nvin’s sweetness lingered around the rooms of the children’s cardiac centre like the pleasing aroma of Christ.

We were expecting to present Nvin today for a Doppler ultrasound, post-catheterisation, to check her femoral arteries. Instead she was ushered in for an echo followed by an ECG and blood pressure check. The consultant cardiologist was so pleased with the result of the echo that she cancelled the Doppler ultrasound. It is so encouraging when we receive news that a treatment plan has worked and one of our children is a step closer to being reunited with their family. So, just a few more days of the current treatment regime, with a 50% reduction in one medicine, plus ongoing observations of mild regurgitation, and then, hopefully, one last echo. The  consultant cardiologist is very thorough and wants to be sure that the mild coarctation (congenital narrowing of a short section of the aorta) is repaired enough for Nvin to be discharged home.

Nvin’s mother left the hospital all smiles and seemingly satisfied that all is well. It is obvious from where Nvin inherits her sweetness and I for one hope to make the most of enjoying their presence while they remain in our community. Praise God for the healing and restoration of another one of his precious children.