Switch surgery results look good

Hadeel went in for her second surgery this morning. Between her dad and two other Kurdish mothers, they all agreed that for a mother or father there is no relief or comfort until after the child’s last surgery. Until then, their minds run into the future in anticipation and hope. Passing the time, we looked at photos of Hadeel’s family back in Kurdistan.

We drank tea together and Hadeel’s dad was supported by another Kurdish father whose been in the hospital also. When they went outside to smoke, they asked that I would stay and watch the doors of the OR in case she came out.

Hadeel did come out after about four hours. The results of the switch surgery looked very good. With this news, Hadeel’s father and one of the surgeons exchanged a hand shake. There have been three surgeries so far this week, today Hadeel’s was the third.

Once again I was reminded of a way of expressing thanks in Kurdish, to say ‘dest xosh,’ meaning ‘beautiful hands.’ The hands of the surgeons are in fact beautiful because of the countless hours of effort and care they pour into healing others who, like Hadeel, would die without this operation to correct her heart defect.

Thank God for all the staff at Sheba and please pray for Hadeel as she recovers.