Swollen eyes

When I visited Rahma at Sheba Hospital today, her mother was sitting in the corner of the room, patiently waiting and looking how the nurses and doctors were taking care of Rahma a minute after extubating her. I decided to sit down next to the mother and wait patiently together with her.

Rahma had a rough weekend as she seemed to suffer from several seizures. This gave her mother a lot of anxiety. The doctors gave Rahma medications against it and since then she seems to be doing better. Slowly, they are taking Rahma off of the seizure medication and now they even extubated her. Just after the extubation, her oxygen level went up and down several times, but the nurses did not really seem to be worried about it.

In the end, Rahma’s mother was laughing. She saw Rahma after extubation, with swollen eyes. It looked funny to her. Thank God that Rahma’s mother still has humor in this stressful time.

Please pray for Rahma’s recovery.