Taken off ECMO

It was good to see Salwa’s mother again after the weekend. When I first saw her, she was sitting in the room where Salwa was, with the nurses moving the tubes of the ECMO machine, looking busy. The update was a real surprise; Salwa had been bleeding in her chest, and was not in a stable condition. But they were going to take her into the OR, to take her off the ECMO! Thank God for holding Salwa’s heart and giving her the strength to be in such a condition.

Salwa’s mother, myself and some of the other Kurdish families sat and waited for just over an hour and a half. During this time, Salwa’s mother had a video call with her husband. This was special, as she told me previously that he does not always have access to the internet, so they can’t reliably be in contact during these difficult times. She said that over the weekend, he had been able to speak on the phone to some of the doctors in Sheba, as he speaks Arabic. I think this helped the mother to share the load over the weekend. I saw Salwa’s sister during the video chat today. She is not too much older than Salwa and looks so similar to her.

We now are able to enter the room to see Salwa, and if she likes, her mother can sleep in the same room. I know she prefers to do this, so she can be as close to her baby as possible.

Thank God for this excellent step forward today, and please continue to pray that He will watch over her and bring her healing.