Taken off the ECMO

Praise God for this wonderful report: Abdulsalam was successfully taken off the ECMO the today, which involved a short surgery. He was taken into the operating theater at nine and came out around two and a half hours later. In this time, his grandmother was so calm. I’m sure that after the first nine hour surgery he had last week, this one passed in no time at all. Almuth, Rafeef’s grandma, and I sat with her as we we waited for him to come out, and we talked a little bit in Arabic. One thing you hear all the time from Arabic speakers in Inshallah which means God willing and sometimes they say Inshallah  khayr which means God willing, good. As we spoke this term came up, and I told them that I’ve often made the mistake of saying “inshallah khiyar,” – which means cucumber – when I meant to say “Inshallah khayr;” I’ve never seen Abdulsalam’s nor Rafeef’s grandmothers laugh so hard. It is a pretty silly mistake if you think of it in English if someone came up to you and said “I am a cucumber” instead of “I am good,” it’d be pretty funny.
Both Almuth and I really enjoyed our time with them, and we so thankful to God that Abdulsalam was taken off the ECMO! We pray he continues to heal!