Taking a Step of Faith

Today, Mohammed began his journey to healing as the doctors at Hadassah hospital performed a diagnostic cath to determine the condition of his heart. Due to high pressure in the lungs and two holes in his heart, they needed to see exactly if they will be able to perform surgery.

It was a difficult start for his mother as she was, expectedly, very upset. It is so difficult to travel out of your home to a foreign land, and yet this mother has done this before, when they had to flee their home in Syria.

Yet, she is walking in faith that the doctors here will find a way to help her precious son. The cath was a bit long and the mother grew more nervous as it continued. But she was able to release all that tension when she saw him being wheeled out just a few hours later.

It seems the doctors were able to see what they needed and also took some tests that they will look at to determine the possibility of surgery. Please be praying for this precious mother and son. First of all that they will be able to move forward as hoped but also for comfort as they wait in a foreign room in a hospital far from home, trusting for good news for Mohammed.