Tala returns for an echo

Little Tala had a scheduled echo check-up at Hadassah Hospital today. Coworker Michiel drove to Erez Border Crossing to collect both Tala and her mother.

After receiving them from the van at Hadassah’s main entrance, coworker Jonathan and I brought Tala and her mother to the hospital’s Day-Hospitalization Clinic for her echo.

While waiting to be called into the examination room, Tala’s mother asked for some easy to eat chocolate for her daughter. All I could find was some chocolate pudding in a cup. I guess it was put to some good use as seen by this photo.

Echo results revealed that Tala needs an Interventional Catheterization to release the banding of her pulmonary artery. The hospital will invite her in the next couple of weeks to return for this procedure.

Michiel again returned this little family to the border crossing at the end of the day. We will be seeing Tala again soon, Lord willing.