Taleen, an independent spirit, has an echo

We collected Taleen and her escort at the Gaza Crossing point for her echo at Sheba Hospital.

Taleen is an independent spirit, if anything.  She soon set out on her own to explore as much of the pediatric cardiology floor as she could, which wasn’t much but still. She went around exploring, looking at other kids but not letting them get too close, and snacking, lots of snacking. She kept her Bomba, a popular snack food here in Israel, in her hands at all times. Another boy there who had to fast for his echo, tried to get some but luckily Taleen was way too fast for him.

After a speedy echo with our good-natured little girl, the doctors came in with the news and next steps for treatment.  It looks like Taleen has recovered well from her last few procedures, and doctors are ready to begin preparing for her Fontan procedure with some tests. They will see her in about three months for another echo, and a dental hygiene check-up before that. For the time being she can live her life as the independent, adventurous little girl God made her to be.