Taleen is discharged

In the morning, when we arrived at Sheba Hospital, Taleen was already patiently waiting for her discharge. She was playing with a little friend for a while. They were so cute together.

Taleen still had to have a blood test before the doctors could say if she will be discharged. But thank God the results were fine. She will now stay with us in Ashdod until Sunday. Then she is going to have another blood test, because the doctors want to keep an eye on her Clexane levels as she is really dependent on them. Her Dad is a little frustrated that they still can not go home to Gaza.

While waiting long hours for the medicine which Taleen needed to take home, we played a little with her and she showed us several times her beautiful smile.

Please pray for Taleen that her Clexane levels will be alright and her result for the blood test on Sunday will be good so that she can go home soon. You can also remember her dad in your prayers as he urgently wants to go home.