Taman needs to stay longer

Taman is a very calm boy and did not cry even once during the echo. He was laughing with the technician most of the time. Last week, Taman had a great echo but unfortunately he developed water around his heart.  The Doctor said Taman’s operation looked good, but she consulted with another cardiologist and decided that Taman was not ready to go yet.

We shared with his mother that everything works for good for those who love God. The Lord knows why Taman has to wait. His mother was calm with the news, although she did shed one or two tears.

This is why Taman was not cleared to return to Kurdistan today, as we were all hoping. He will start on a new medication to help him, and will see the Doctor again tomorrow afternoon.

It is very cold, rainy and windy these days here in Israel, so many of the children get flu easily. Please remember Taman and his mother in your prayers.