Taman’s first day in hospital

Today was Taman’s first assessment. It was a long day of waiting, but it was fruitful because Taman was able to have his echo and ECG, before being admitted for a catheterisation tomorrow.

Taman behaved like a gentleman during his echo with the technician. He didn’t cry at all and was full of smiles.

I had the opportunity to spend lots of time with Taman’s mum and share with her about many things. We talked about life in Kurdistan and she spoke about the difficulties she faces raising a child with Downs Syndrome there. For example, in Kurdistan, they wouldn’t be able to find a centre or school with trained teachers who could help Taman properly. The resources are limited for helping children with extra needs.

The doctor explained that Taman will be admitted today for a diagnostic catheterisation tomorrow. She hopes that he will be a good candidate for surgery. We waited a long time for the room to be ready for him. He had a nice lunch.

I explained to the mother that as we leave her here, she has our love and our prayers. The medical help is in the hands of the medical staff,

…and miracles are in the hands of God.