Taman’s first Echo

Taman’s mother seemed to really enjoy the trip to the hospital. From our departure from the Shevet Center until arriving at Sheba Medical Center, she was filming every moment of our lively car journey. It made me smile as she replayed these back to me later – what was such a familiar journey to us was so new and exciting to her.

I was amazed by how quickly Taman was called into his echo. It felt like we’d only just arrived when we were beckoned into the hospital room. Throughout the whole process, he seemed relaxed and content, completely unphased by everything going on around him.

Later, as we waited together after Taman’s echo, his mother seemed very much at home – taking pictures, sharing many cups of hot chocolate and sitting with beautiful Taman in her arms as he drifted off to sleep. I got myself a drink from the tea trolley and accidentally put way too much coffee in my cup. She found it absolutely hilarious watching me struggle to drink this.

Through our time together I was really reminded of God’s goodness and perfect timing. On a day when we had so much going on, He provided a fast appointment for Taman. His peace seemed to be very evident with his mother throughout the whole day.