Taman’s next Echo

Little Taman had a new outfit for his hospital visit today. At ten months old, he’s somehow already more fashionable than I!

We were called into the echo almost straight away this morning. By now his mother knows exactly what to do, and how it works. Taman seemed very at home as well, his big brown eyes absorbing the echo room with all its faces, shapes and colors. Afterwards, in the waiting room, he was very content, sitting in his pram, clutching my finger with his little hand. We enjoyed some hot chocolate and cakes together from the tea trolley as we waited for his doctor. It’s become a little tradition now; whenever I’m in the hospial with Taman’s mum, we always get hot chocolate

Taman’s doctor was very happy and said he is clinically well. He has moderate pericardial effusion, which means there is still some fluid around his heart. He is on medication for this and will have another echo this coming Wednesday.