Tears of Frustration and Smiles of Shy Joy

Today, we had the pleasure of meeting our new and urgent child Ibrahim from Gaza in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Driving trough such a beautiful landscape of our springlike nature, once again I was reminded of God’s care and love. Even after a long dry summer, God refreshes the soil with water, turns dust into something beautiful. And as we reached the small room of Ibrahim, we could also see this turn in him. Being in Ramallah the doctors didn’t know what to do for him. His condition got worse and worse. And then, the relieving news came from Hadassah: “We will take care. He can come!” After a life-or-death-surgery during Passover, when the doctors stepped out and also left their families at home, they could save his life by God’s grace. He would have lived only two more days, they said. And now, a few days later, he is already in the children’s department. His heart is looking good. God has turned his life upside down and breathed new life into this boy’s body! Praise to him!

Unfortunately, another issue came up. Ibrahim got an infection, so he has to stay 40 more days. During this time, they will treat him with medication, mostly to prevent the infection harming his valves. Ibrahim himself just heard the news this morning. So, when we talked with his beautiful mother, his silent tears dropped on his pillow.”He wants to play and go to school,” his mother explained. She also shared her fears. Seeing Ibrahim so close to death, you can hardly imagine her feelings. She has also already lost one son due to a heart failure. The only thing we could really do in this situation was pray. And as we finished our prayer of blessing, protection, strength, freedom and peace over Ibrahim and his mother, she was so touched by our care for them. And we left the hospital joking with Ibrahim and kissing his mother.

Please really pray for this mother. Please pray, that she will feel and experience God’s love and care for her. May she also be changed from dryness to streams of living water. And may her broken heart be healed. May Ibrahim recover soon. Thank you all for your prayers!