Tears of joy

Today Azhan had his long awaited Echo appointment at Hadassah Hospital. He and his mother were looking forward to this day since all of us knew this could be his last appointment here in Israel, and that possibly his cardiologist would discharge him back home to Kurdistan.

On our way to the hospital our little boy sat in the bus with a big smile on his face, waiting very patiently until we arrived at the hospital. After he could finally have his Echo, something he is very experienced in now, we had to wait until his doctor would come and talk to us. When he entered the Echo-room, the first thing he said about Azhan was that he looked really good and his scar is healing as it should. From there on, our hope for a discharge increased.

Azhan’s doctor continued with the instruction, that he should see a cardiologist in Kurdistan in three months. This was the moment we knew that Azhan would be discharged back home to Gaza. As soon as we translated for Azhan’s mother, she had tears in her eyes; she and her son couldn’t stop smiling and Azhan was running and jumping through the hallway. All of us probably won’t forget this moment so fast!

As soon as we came back to the guesthouse in Jerusalem we had some cake and cookies, celebrating the discharges from Azhan and another Kurdish child he became really close friends with. We still have to wait for when he and his mother will fly back to Kurdistan, but until then we will enjoy our last days with our boy and his lovely mother. Let us all gather in thanksgiving for this wonderful, long awaited message. Our Lord is surely a caring and loving God, who was guiding this boy and his mother through a hard time in a strange land, where they could find people, who became helpers and even friends. Please keep praying for them, for a smooth journey back home.