Ten Beautiful Families

I never thought that it was going to be a such a blessed and beautiful day today. I’m really thankful for the opportunity that Yousef and I had to meet ten beautiful families from Gaza at Wolfson hospital

At the beginning, I met three families. The first one was  Mohammed’s mom. When she saw me, she smiled at me and gave me a big hug. I remembered her staying in our house some months ago, while Mohammed was in the ICU in critical condition. She looked a little sick, because of problems with her blood sugar, but she is always smiling and so happy for her baby’s current condition. Thanks to the Lord, he seemed so healthy, big and strong. He had a good echo and is also gaining weight. So he needs to come back in 6 months. Another beautiful moment I shared with him was when he was crying and tired because of the travel and I held him in my arms and he fell asleep.
Hassan is a beautiful boy, who came with his grandmother. She was a such a blessing for me, because with her English skills she translated a lot for me. Today, Hassan had a good echo and he needs to come back in one year. She is really happy, that her grandchild is getting stronger and healthier every day. At the beginning, he didn’t want to talk or smile at me. However, I tried to play and paint with him and I also gave him a balloon. And then finally, when he was almost ready to go home, he gave me a beautiful smile and asked his grandmother “Diana is going to go with us?”
Our oldest and precious girl Jana has a complicated congenital heart disease. One of the problems is caused at her mitral valve. Today, she came for a follow-up. Please pray for her and for complete healing. She is really sweet. We played with balloons and she also enjoyed her time painting.

One hour after the first three families arrived, seven more entered the waiting area. It was so much fun to try to guess the name of each baby.
Dalia is a beautiful girl with PDA. When I saw her she smiling at me a lot, I could tell that she is so sweet and also her mother. She was admitted for a therapeutic cath that is hopefully going to be tomorrow. Before we left the hospital Yousef, a doctor from Gaza, and I went to say bye to Dalia in her new room. She was a little upset, because the nurse was taking a swab. I’m really thankful for the amazing job that Yousef did. He really enjoys his job. He loves those babies. He and the doctor had a good time with the medical staff in Dalia’s ward.
Jamal is a handsome boy. He was a little shy. He looks like a famous young man when he’s smiling with his beautiful hat. He had an evaluation today and the doctors decided that he needs to come for a surgery in around one month.
Yhia is a big, brave and strong boy. He is 12 years old. Hopefully, he is going to have his third surgery next month. He looks like a very healthy boy.
Asaed is a beautiful baby with ASD secundum and PDA. He also came for an evaluation, but he was admitted for a Therapeutic cath for a PDA device occlusion. Hopefully, it is going to be tomorrow. So, we also took him to the ward.
Fayez is a smiling and handsome boy with COA, who came for a follow-up. Thank the Lord, everything looks well. He really enjoyed the time I spent with him and he sweetly played with every game that I brought and also with the games which were already in the waiting room.
Hour is a beautiful girl, who came with her grandma. She has ASD and also came for an evaluation. Please pray for her and for wisdom for the doctors to decide the best plan for her.
Lian is a sweet girl of 10 months and diagnosed with TOF. They already performed a surgery and the echo showed that she is good. So, praise the Lord, she only needs to come back for her next follow-up in one year.


I can say this was an amazing day. It is really amazing how thankful the families are. They are smiling all the time even after this long travel and day at the hospital. Georgia prepared some sandwiches for them very early in the morning. And they were so happy for the sandwiches and also the games and teddy bears I brought. Please, keep these beautiful babies in your prayers. Please pray for complete healing in their amazing lives and hope for their families.