Thank God!

If we look back at the last three and a half months of Sohaib’s life, we can just thank God for all he has done and that Sohaib is alive and doing so well.

When he first arrived here in Israel, doctors were not sure whether they could do surgery for Sohaib as his VSD was so big. I still remember how I admitted this cute boy for his first cath on my last day before I went home for my vacation. He got his cath and the doctors had the good news for us that they believed they were able to fix his heart.

Not long afterwards he got his surgery, had a great recovery, and was doing fine. But only a few days after he was discharged to our house in Ashdod, his oxygen dropped all of a sudden and he got rushed back to the hospital by ambulance and intubated in the ICU. And that’s how I found him coming back from my vacation. The little boy that I remembered walking around and happy was now fighting for his life.

He had two more surgeries and two more caths until he was finally stable again and slowly slowly recovering, waking up and becoming himself again. It was a hard time for us all, but especially for his mom as no one really knew why all of this happened and whether Sohaib would fully recover from this. Looking back, I’m just amazed what God did! Sohaib is again this little happy boy with a lot of personality or as we like to call him: a little business man.

Three caths and three open heart surgeries later, Sohaib’s main problem, the whole between the lower chambers of his heart, is still not fixed and he needs to come back in some years for this surgery. For now he is stable and his mom is very happy to go home after this hard but exciting time here.

Through all her time here, she was the most patient and wonderful mother, loving her child so so much. She never complained that she spent so much time in hospital and cared for Sohaib and all of us volunteers amazingly. We will miss her beautiful personality a lot in our house here and have learned so much from her. I was reading 1.Corinthians 13 today and had to think of Sohaib’s mom after reading the first verse.

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

She showed us so much the opposite of what is written here. We couldn’t talk a lot to her as she spoke a different dialect of Kurdish than the other moms did, but regardless she showed us without words how deeply she loved us. I hope we can learn from this woman to love even without knowing the language. And we pray for Sohaib and his mom as they are heading home now. May God keep them safe until Sohaib is big enough to return and have his surgery!