Thankfulness and Prayer

Because of Ahmed‘s lovely mum it is always a pleasure to visit the both of them in hospital. Her English is excellent so that we are often able to compare notes.

As soon as I got there, she started to update me about Ahmed’s condition. I realized that she informed herself very well.

Firstly she told me that Ahmed had been able to drink around 5 cc of milk yesterday evening, explaining to me that he was indeed able to suckle but not swallow.  Besides I realized how sad she was about the fact that her baby’s voice is very week, almost non-existent.

Despite this, she is thankful and confident in general, as she told me that it must be a good sign that the doctors decided that it’s not necessary for her son to have a CT (as planned originally). Also she is aware that Ahmed’s lungs need their time to recover. And again she told me how relieved and thankful she is to be here with her baby, as there is tension in Gaza.

When I left, I told Ahmed’s mum that I will pray for her baby and I want to encourage everyone who reads this to join in and pray for Ahmed to get stronger everyday and be able to eat. And let’s thank God for what He has done so far and will do!