That Which God Does is Well Done

Last night, when Georgia and I brought Marya to the hospital for her admission the moments of waiting were filled with laughter, as we stood around Mary’s room under the florescent lights in the ICU joking in broken Arabic, you could hear our giggles ring throughout the ICU. But nine hours later I returned to that room to find it dark, quiet, and Marya’s mother, who has become so close a friend, standing with her back to the door. She was audibly crying. We embraced and she sat down in a chair. These moments I find God is extremely present in, because there are no words I could say to her, I could only feel with her, a fraction of the weight I knew she was carrying. Yousef came into the room and we prayed for Marya, and after that went outside of the ICU to the waiting area. It was there we sat for four hours in relative silence except for a quick excursion to find tea and coffee or when a few hours later we talked a little bit about her other children. Noticeably her phone was quiet, it is not unusual for a near constant stream of video calls to be coming in from a parents phone when their child is in surgery, but apart from her husband and uncle, her phone didn’t ring, nor did she go pick it up. She steadfastly waited the agonizing duration of Marya’s surgery.

And a few minutes after she commented that Marya should be finishing soon, a nurse from the operating room came out and said that she was done, and she was good. And Marya’s mum’s face broke into a smile, though quickly returned to her calm, stoic demeanor. It was another 45 minutes before she could see Marya, and thank God the doctors gave a not just a good report but an excellent one, they said the surgery went very very well. But these next 24 hours are critical, they don’t yet have a timeline of when they’ll extubate her, that is dependent on how she shows to be recovering from this major surgery. So please pray protection over her stabilization, and for rest for her mother. As I sat in church this past weekend, an organ piece entitled “That which God does is well done” was played; the title caught my eye and I scribbled it on my hand today before going to the hospital to remember that He is good, His plans are good, and we can hope in trust in Him. So at the end of this day, with the finishing of sweet Marya’s surgery, please join with us in praising God, because that which He did, is well done.