The art exhibition

The day at “Gaza clinic” today was quieter than¬†usual. Everyone was very happy to sit and colour for most of the day; it was almost like we had our own little art studio in Wolfson. We started by designing houses. The creativity¬† and attention on display was incredible – there were beautiful gardens filled with colourful flowers, and Deia’s drawing even featured stairs!

While we were colouring, a little girl came and sat on my lap and joined our little art session. I was really touched that she felt safe and loved with Jonas (one of our Danish volunteers) and me. It also really reminded me of how we can approach God. We don’t have to be afraid of him, but we can come to him with confidence, knowing we’re loved.

After an art intensive morning, the boys had a really great time playing with Jonas in the afternoon. They practiced writing numbers, played a board game…and then had a lot of fun decorating his face with smiley face stickers. It was lovely to see how much they appreciated him being there, the universal language of love cutting through the barriers once more.

As we started to leave, we shared parting high fives, and the mums shouted their thanks. I could see in their eyes they really meant it. It was quite humbling for me to see how much they appreciated us. Sometimes when God uses us, we’re often not aware of it. And in God’s kingdom, what we see as small things are sometimes the most important. I felt like I hadn’t done much today – I spent most of the time designing houses and drawing rainbows – yet God used this and for me, that is also so humbling.