The beautiful heart of a mother

There is something really special about Mina. Watching her, peacefully sleeping as her mother wheeled in the pram, I instantly fell in love with her. Her mother was delighted to meet us, barely waiting to find out who we were before proudly showing us pictures of her daughter and her family.

The immense love she has for Mina is obvious, her smile broad and her face glowing as she talked about her. In this woman, I saw a beautiful reminder of the Father heart of God towards his children.

Mina has a blood clot in her leg and is currently on a medication for this. After her blood test today, the doctors will be able to decide if she can return home to Gaza.

Please keep praying for this beautiful little girl and her mother – pray that Mina will soon be well enough to go home. Her mother explained she has a four-year-old son back in Gaza who is really missing them – they can’t wait to be reunited!