The beauty of love

Today coworker Craig and I went to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem to visit baby Tala from Gaza. She was peacefully sleeping during our visit, and there was a woman present in the room chatting with Tala’s grandmother. She translated for us, and that was a huge blessing.

Via our translator, I was told this woman, Tala’s grandmother, doesn’t eat because she’s so worried about her granddaughter, so I tried my very best to encourage her. When tears filled her eyes, I asked her if I could give her a hug, and so I did. I stood beside her watching what happened while two nurses gently and calmly started to wash the hair of sweet little Tala, and I could feel the tears starting to fill my eyes.

I glanced at her grandmother and saw the same thing happening with her. It was a very precious moment, and while fighting my tears I stroked her back and she squeezed my hand. The nurses treated the baby as gently as if she was royalty, and I couldn’t leave the room without honoring them for the loving care and the excellent work they are doing in this hospital. It’s not my first visit, I’ve seen it several years and it makes me so grateful for every child that is coming here.