The big day

Today was Arwa’s big surgery day at Sheba Hospital. She and her mother were already up early, because Arwa really wanted to drink water, but she wasn’t allowed.

Arwa’s mother cleaned Arwa before the surgery, she signed some forms and then it was time to go. I was able to be there when Arwa received anesthesia. This was a difficult moment for her mother to see her daughter slowly go away. I helped her mother to the waiting area, where she cried and called with her family.

After five hours, the surgeon came out with the releasing word: Arwa is okay. They did full repair and Arwa is stable. The mother was so relieved! She kept praising God for his mercy.

When it was time for me to go home, Arwa’s mother expressed her gratitude that I was there for her. She couldn’t have done this day without support. Even though sometimes it’s awkward to wait with a mother for surgery, especially because of the language barrier, I know that being there is enough. Thank you Lord!