The Big Day is Coming

It is always a pleasure to take a family to the hospital, but today was very special because we took our beautiful Marya and her father for admission for her surgery! We have really been waiting for this moment! We prayed so many times for the will of God for her and the best plan for her. We know that her surgery is complicated, long and risky. But we trust in the power of God and we know that He has everything in control. Her Dad is so amazing and patient, he wants the best for Marya and loves her so much. He is so happy to know that her baby has the opportunity to have a better quality of life.

Today Marya had to wait a long time at the hospital. But she enjoyed her time with the little park in the waiting room and also we shared some food. Finally in the afternoon her room in the ICU was ready. She went into her room very happy. One of the doctors entered her room and told us, “She is ready for her surgery.” The doctor was very happy because the last time she saw her, Marya had a virus and wasn’t well.

We went with her for a chest x-ray and then we left her in her room. She was all smiles and with her little hands told us bye-bye. Finally tomorrow she is going to have her surgery. Please pray for this beautiful baby, for wisdom for the medical team, and for her fast recovery!