The big surgery

We have been calling it “the big surgery” since we knew Israa required two surgeries, but only today I realized just how big the surgery must be. Even now, Jana has just responded to the news about Israa with “how can they even do this, her heart must be so tiny!” and it is really amazing to think of what the doctors here are capable of doing.

So in tiny Israa’s heart, the surgeon patiently explained to us afterwards, as follows:

1. There was a VSD which they closed.
2. There was a membrane below the aortic valve which was causing an obstruction, which they removed.
3. The mitral valve was closing abnormally, and they opened it and repaired it.

Israa’s father thanked the surgeon, and thanked God and everyone he could think of for doing this great work in his beautiful daughter.

He had been very calm as far as we could tell all day, as Israa’s surgery was quite long. He was extremely helpful getting involved with two new families and helping them to navigate their first assessments at the hospital. It was a blessing to everyone.

I also enjoyed speaking to Israa’s mother and older sister back in Kurdistan on the phone, as they also waited for the news that Israa had come out of the surgery.

Today at the hospital it felt a lot like we were family together, and I thank God for that gift.
Although the doctor told us that the surgical result looked good on the echo, I still found it surprisingly difficult to see Israa intubated with all of the cables and tubes attached to her. Please pray for Israa, as she rests in the hands of God.