The big surgery

Yousef went into his arterial switch surgery in the morning. The surgery took around five hours, and then a fairly long time to finally close his chest and bring him out before his mother’s eyes. When the team emerged from the operation room doors, bringing Yousef in the bed, his mother was ecstatic and was happy that there were many of us around to share in the moment! The surgeon told her that the surgery had been sucessful, which is excellent news. Again, the other Kurdish families who were in hospital and who know English and Arabic, willingly rallied round to help with translation. Yousef’s mother was still very nervous, but feeling a little braver than the time of the last surgery. We were able to chat together a little. We were joined by many other families from time to time whom we know from Kurdistan and also from Gaza, who came by to encourage Yousef’s mum; all of them knowing how it is to sit with their baby through hours of surgery. Yousef’s mum positioned herself in a particularly chosen seat, so that she could see clearly both doors through which Yousef would emerge. Yousef was taken up to the ICU, and is in the room across from another Kurdish child who’s mother is a friend of Yousef’s mother. We are praying for his best recovery