The Boy with the Great Smile

You want to see a three day-old baby who is smiling? Just go to the hospital and meet our precious new baby from Gaza, Abdulsalam.

After a long day at the hospital we went to visit Abdulsalam who just arrived to the hospital yesterday. He had a cath today which was really good! Jana and I welcomed his lovely grandma who was very tired but thankful for our presence. We prayed for him and watched him for a while and suddenly it seemed like he was smiling. We were so happy to see that and to hear from the nurses the he is doing very well.

Thanks to our great God who is always by his side. Please pray that Abdulsalam’s situation keeps on being stable, for the doctors to make wise decisions, and for his grandma to get some rest so she can be there for him. Also keep in your prayers his family at home to give them strength while they can’t be with their beautiful newborn baby.